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Investment and Patent Licensing in the Value Chain

Senior Consultant, Damien Neven, co-authored an article for the Journal of Competition Law & Economics alongside academic affiliate, Gerard Llobet, exploring the effects of investment and patent licensing in the value chain. Abstract At which stage in the production chain should patent licensing take place? In this paper we show that under realistic circumstances a patent holder would … Continued

A theory of socially inefficient patent holdout

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla recently co-authored a paper alongside Academic Affiliate, Gerard Llobet, for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The paper proposes a framework to analyse holdout in patent licensing negotiations.

Balancing Incentives to Innovate in Upstream Wireless Technology Markets with Exit Concerns in Midstream Component Markets

Expert economist Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon) and Koren W. Wong-Ervin (Axinn) consider the merits of recent complaints about the common practice in technology industries of licensing patents to manufacturers of consumer devices (as opposed to midstream component manufacturers), and of calculating compensation by using the entire value of an end device as the royalty base.