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Upstream conduct and price authority with competing organizations

Economists Enrique Andreu, Damien Neven, Salvatore Piccolo and Roberto Venturini recently authored an article for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The article examines the degree of price authority that competing upstream principals award their downstream agents in a setting where these agents own private information about demand and incur nonverifiable distribution costs.

Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint

Senior Managing Director Jorge Padilla and Vice-President Zita Vasas co-authored a paper, joint with Daniele Condorelli named “Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint”. The paper discusses the fair share debate between telecommunications operators (‘telcos’) and large traffic originators (‘LTOs’) such as Netflix, Youtube or TikTok, which evolves around the question of whether LTOs should pay telcos for the use of their networks thereby contributing to the funding of new (5G) network investment.

A theory of socially inefficient patent holdout

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla recently co-authored a paper alongside Academic Affiliate, Gerard Llobet, for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The paper proposes a framework to analyse holdout in patent licensing negotiations.

Research Handbook on Global Merger Control

Experts economist Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins and Salvatore Piccolo contributed to the Research Handbook on Global Merger Control. Authored by leading legal practitioners, economists, enforcers and jurists, the Global Merger Control discusses challenges and predicts how merger control is likely to evolve in the coming years.

Intel Round 2: Starting from square one

Senior Vice Presidents Lau Nilausen and Rameet Sangha co-authored a paper in the Competition Law & Policy Debate Journal. The paper analyses the details of the General Court’s assessment of the AEC test in the context of the January 2022 Intel judgement. Abstract This article explains how the General Court’s January 2022 Intel judgment raises … Continued

Event Synopsis: Compass Lexecon Economics Conference

On 23 September 2022, Compass Lexecon hosted its first Economics Conference at the Saïd Business School in Oxford, UK with the theme “Recent developments in the economics of mergers, and the scope for novel techniques and analysis”. The conference aimed to provide a forum in which economists at government authorities, academic economists, and industry practitioners … Continued

Agency Fallibility and the Effect of Judicial Review in Competition Cases

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla, recently authored an article for EU Law Live’s Competition Corner on the judicial review in competition cases and whether the appeal process reduces the cost of error. The job of an administrative agency when assessing a competition complaint is to produce a decision {infringement, no infringement} by assessing the complainant’s … Continued

Compass Lexecon Recognized as a Leading Economics Consulting Firm in the GCR 100 2022

Compass Lexecon has been recognized as one of the Elite ranking competition economics consulting firms by the Global Competition Review (“GCR”) for the 16th year in its annual Economics 23 – Elite survey. Compass Lexecon topped the list again with the most competition economists. Described as a “competition economics heavyweight with a reputation to match,” Compass … Continued

Competitive Effects of Single-Homing: The Case of Hybrid Marketplaces

By Neil Dryden, Jorge Padilla, and Helder Vasconcelos Introduction The growing digitalization of the economy has led to the emergence of new business models, based on multi-sided platforms, which have inspired a relatively recent but rapidly expanding strand of the economics literature on the economics of two-sided markets. (2) This literature has given rise to … Continued