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Competition between ad-funded digital platforms: Could merging platforms harm consumers, even if they offer free services?

Competition between digital platforms funded by advertisements (“ad-funded platforms”) is a hotly debated topic in both academic and policy-making circles. In particular, how does a lack of competition affect consumers of free services? Competition Authorities commonly analyze changes in consumer prices to assess whether a merger might harm consumers. But those analytic tools break down … Continued

Platform Envelopment Through Privacy Policy Tying

In a recent paper, Jorge Padilla and Daniele Condorelli present a theory of predatory entry by means of privacy-policy tying, which they define as conditioning the provision of services to the subscription of a privacy-policy that allows bundling of user data across unrelated services.

Podcast on the ‘GWB Digitization Act’ with Taylor Wessing

In the wake of the official draft of the 10th German Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB) amendment, economist Thilo Klein speaks on the first issue of Taylor Wessing’s “Competition Cast” (in German language) on the most innovative new regulation of the so-called GWB Digitization Act.