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Harvesting Insights: Patent Networks in Agrochemical Mergers

In this article, Angelos Stenimachitis, Tristan Salmon, Laura Ashirepbay, Federico Bindi, Arpita Pattanaik and Anqi Shan how analysing patent data can be informative about the impact of mergers on innovation output, by analysing changes in patent citation networks of firms in the agrochemical industry.

Shift Happens: Navigating the Big Data Paradigm

Introduction In this article, Enrico Alemani, Arpita Pattanaik, Tristan Salmon, Ethan Soo [1] discuss the challenges that increasing volumes of data bring to our clients and regulators. They illustrate how Compass Lexecon is rapidly able to transform significant amounts of raw data into actionable insights by leveraging innovative solutions to deal with big data. What … Continued

A taste of geospatial analysis for competition economics

Written by Ivana Kocanova, James Forster and Toby Howard Geospatial analysis is a key parameter of the assessment of mergers where competition takes place at the local level. In this article, the data science team explores the tools it has developed to collect, analyse and visualize the data, quickly and flexibly. These tools enable better … Continued

Decision Search Tool: Behind the Scenes

Written by Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Enrico Alemani [1] Introduction Software that provides powerful functionality can appear simple on the surface, but can hide plenty of fascinating technology. In this Data Science article, Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Enrico Alemani take a deep dive into the Compass Lexecon Decision Search Tool, an interactive web-app that allows users to … Continued

Measuring of Competition Using Natural Language Processing

Written by Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Ethan Soo Summary As the competition landscape is constantly evolving, the question still remains: Is there a need to revamp the way we measure closeness of competition? There are many standardised ways to measure how close competitors are. We can supplement these measures with evidence that has traditionally been difficult … Continued

Providing New Evidence: Using AI in Merger Proceedings

Written by Enrico Alemani and Jaime Coronado Natural language processing (“NLP”) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) focused on how computers can understand language (e.g. written text) in much the same way human beings do. In this article, the data science team explores how NLP can be a new helpful tool in merger proceedings, … Continued

Data Visualisation: Crossing the line

Written by Tristan Salmon and James Forster In this article, the data science team illustrate intuitive ways to explore and visualise complex data using the example of the how, where, when and who of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional charts (and in particular, line charts) are very popular in economic consulting. At their best, they present … Continued

Game, Set and Fuzzy match

Written by Bhargav Bharadwaj, Antoine Gracia Victoria, Wiktor Owczarz and Waldemar Schuppli Fuzzy matching is a set of data science techniques that save critical time and reduce the risk of human error when matching string variables (e.g., customer names) in large, distinct datasets, for example, to assess the closeness of competition between merging firms, or … Continued