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Efficient and Constructive Use of Party-Appointed Quantum Experts in Resolving Commercial Disputes

Expert Economists Julian Delamer and Alan Rozenberg authored a chapter in the Financier Worldwide Ebook, “Managing and Resolving Commercial Disputes.” The chapter discusses ways to maximise the efficiency and usefulness of party-appointed quantum experts, addressing the issue from three perspectives: the parties and their counsel, the experts, and the court or tribunal. Providing experts with … Continued

Expert Q&A on Quantification of overcharge and value of commerce

Expert Economists Catalina Campillo, Soledad Pereiras and Bernardo Sarmento participated in a Q&A with Financier Worldwide for their December issue on recent developments in damages litigation and the factors considered when quantifying overcharge and determining the value of commerce. Could you provide an overview of the recent trends and developments in follow-on damages cases across … Continued

Expert Opinion: A new paradigm for damage claim valuation?

Estimating damage claim values is at the heart of any litigation proceeding, but the “Modern DCF” approach to valuing a claim can lead to a dramatically different result than the widely relied upon “Traditional DCF” approach, recently highlighted in the Tethyan Copper Company Ltd v Republic of Pakistan arbitration. Frederic Palomino and Guillaume Duquesne seek to answer the questions this raises for practitioners.

Antitrust Litigation – Defence and Damages

Compass Lexecon EMEA Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla, joins antitrust lawyers Max Strasberg, Ashurst LLP and Mélanie Bruneau, K&L Gates LLP to discuss defence and damages in antitrust litigation in the April 2020 edition of Financier Worldwide.