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The Innovation Economics Conference for Antitrust Lawyers

On 21 April, economists Soledad Pereiras and Justin Coombs spoke at the Concurrences Innovation Economics conference for antitrust lawyers at King’s College London. Soledad focused on market definition in digital markets, while Justin discussed potential exclusionary behaviour by companies and their effects on the market and consumers. Panel 1 – Market definition in innovation markets: … Continued

Defining relevant markets in the pharmaceutical industry

Expert Economist George Siotis authored an article for Concurrences in which he argues that, in abuse proceedings involving both foreclosure and exploitative abuse, defining relevant markets conditional on the nature of the infringement offers a cogent framework. The insights also transpose to mergers. Abstract Art 102 proceedings require concomitance: the incriminated undertaking must be deemed dominant at the time … Continued

What does it mean to be competitive?

Expert Economists Jorge Padilla and Salvatore Piccolo authored an article for Concurrences’ On-Topic February issue on the circumstances under which a firm can be regarded as competitive and whether it would be correct to conclude that only companies operating in fragmented markets and acting as price takers can be regarded as such. In this paper, … Continued