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Recommender Systems and Supplier Competition on Platforms

Vice President, Peter Ormosi, co-authored a paper alongside Amelia Fletcher and Rahul Savani, discussing how the recommender systems systemic biases might be expected to worsen end-user choices and harm competition between suppliers on digital platforms. Abstract Digital platforms can offer a multiplicity of items in one place. This should, in principle, lower end-users’ search costs … Continued

Event Synopsis: New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference

On 22 June, Executive Vice President, David Sevy spoke at the Concurrences New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference at the Ministry of Economics in Paris. David spoke on panel 2 with Laila Medina, Séverine Schrameck, Wouter Wils and Rafael Amaro to discuss “The interplay between public and private enforcement: have we got the balance right?”. Key … Continued

Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint

Senior Managing Director Jorge Padilla and Vice-President Zita Vasas co-authored a paper, joint with Daniele Condorelli named “Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint”. The paper discusses the fair share debate between telecommunications operators (‘telcos’) and large traffic originators (‘LTOs’) such as Netflix, Youtube or TikTok, which evolves around the question of whether LTOs should pay telcos for the use of their networks thereby contributing to the funding of new (5G) network investment.

A theory of socially inefficient patent holdout

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla recently co-authored a paper alongside Academic Affiliate, Gerard Llobet, for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The paper proposes a framework to analyse holdout in patent licensing negotiations.

Mark Israel Wins Global Competition Review’s Economist of the Year Award

On March 28, 2023, Global Competition Review (“GCR”) awarded Dr. Mark Israel, Senior Managing Director and Member of Compass Lexecon’s Global Executive Committee, Economist of the Year for 2023. Dr. Israel was cited for his recent testimony on behalf of Google in cases challenging the company’s alleged anticompetitive behavior in the search engine and search … Continued

What does it mean to be competitive?

Expert Economists Jorge Padilla and Salvatore Piccolo authored an article for Concurrences’ On-Topic February issue on the circumstances under which a firm can be regarded as competitive and whether it would be correct to conclude that only companies operating in fragmented markets and acting as price takers can be regarded as such. In this paper, … Continued

Compass Lexecon Recognized as a Leading Economics Consulting Firm in the GCR 100 2022

Compass Lexecon has been recognized as one of the Elite ranking competition economics consulting firms by the Global Competition Review (“GCR”) for the 16th year in its annual Economics 23 – Elite survey. Compass Lexecon topped the list again with the most competition economists. Described as a “competition economics heavyweight with a reputation to match,” Compass … Continued

Optimal Exit Policy with Uncertain Demand

Entrants often need to make considerable sunk investments with highly uncertain returns. The option to exit if returns are low reduces investment risks and stimulates innovation. In this paper, Michele Bisceglia (University of Toulouse) and Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins, and Salvatore Piccolo of Compass Lexecon[1] examine the interaction between exit policy and up-front investment by … Continued