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Q&A: Competition and antitrust issues in digital markets

Expert economists Salvatore Piccolo, Patricia Lorenzo, Guillaume Duquesne, Kadambari Prasad, and Paul Reynolds discuss competition and antitrust issues in digital markets with Financier Worldwide. Could you provide an overview of how the digital marketplace has developed in recent years? Piccolo: Recent years have witnessed the emergence of an increasing number of online marketplaces with new … Continued

New Frontiers of Antitrust Virtual Conference

Jorge Padilla will discuss the role of competition policy in sustainable development at the 11th annual New Frontiers of Antitrust conference, organized by Concurrences. Register to attend for free.

The Law and Economics of Article 102 TFEU – Third Edition

Jorge Padilla of Compass Lexecon co-authors, with Robert O’Donoghue of Brick Court Chambers, the third edition of this book which examines the legal and economic principles that underpin the application of Article 102 TFEU to the behavior of dominant firms.

Antitrust and Competition Challenges in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Antón Garcia discusses the key trends and issues shaping the energy and utilities sector, the likely effects of economic volatility stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and recent trends in oil prices, and advises companies on how to evaluate and mitigate the competition and antitrust risks in a Q&A with Financier Worldwide.

Managing Antitrust Risks Amid COVID-19

Expert economists Jorge Padilla, David Sevy, Lorenzo Coppi, Rameet Sangha, and Urs Haegler of Compass Lexecon advise firms on how to manage the antitrust risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in a special feature for Financier Worldwide.