Pavithra Kumar

Pavithra Kumar

  • New York
Senior Vice President
  • PhD in Financial Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • BSc in Mathematics and Economics, London School of Economics

Pavithra Kumar is a Senior Vice President with Compass Lexecon based in New York. With nearly a decade in high-stakes economic litigation consulting, she is proficient in conducting detailed analyses of finance, valuation, and accounting issues, and analyzing complex litigation matters using sophisticated statistical modeling and econometric analyses. Dr. Kumar’s specific expertise is in damages quantification, valuation models and securities and structured finance litigation. While at Compass Lexecon, she has contributed to several high-profile case wins, including the recent total victory of client MAPS in its $5.8 billion hotel acquisition dispute with AB Stable (the first post-COVID-19 judicial ruling allowing a buyer to avoid closing a previously agreed transaction). Dr. Kumar led a NY-based team to support Professor Daniel Fischel in assessing the performance of the acquired hotels after the transaction signing and the resultant decline in value. In other matters, Dr. Kumar has led engagement teams in the preparation of economic, financial and statistical analyses through all stages of litigation (including deposition and trial testimony), and has supported a variety of internal and external experts, both academic as well as industry practitioners.

Prior to this, Dr. Kumar was an Associate Director at Berkeley Research Group managing various securities and transfer pricing litigations, and spent eight years at The Brattle Group spearheading projects and supporting in-house and external experts in a variety of successful testimonies. Her most notable contribution was when she led a team assisting the U.S. government in a high-profile fraud investigation against a major credit ratings agency after the 2008 economic meltdown, providing evidence that key inputs in its risk models inflated ratings of CDO tranches. This culminated in a multi-billion-dollar, headline-generating settlement.

Dr. Kumar has published academic journal articles on hedge-fund performance persistence and the nature and impacts of high-frequency trading. Her early work was in the Global Technical Strategy group of a major securities brokerage and financial advisory services firm, where she built an online tool for clients to back-test complex trading strategies based on a selection of technical signals.

Dr. Kumar holds a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BSc. in Mathematics and Economics (1st Class Hons) from the London School of Economics.