Miguel de la Mano

Miguel de la Mano

  • Brussels
Executive Vice President
  • DPhil in Research, University of Oxford
  • MA in International Economic Policy Research, Institute of World Economics in Kiel
  • MSc in European Economics, Europa Institut, Universitaet des Saarlandes
  • BA in European Business Administration, Instituto Católico de Administración y Dirección de Empresas

Dr. Miguel de la Mano is an Executive Vice President in Compass Lexecon’s Brussels office. Before joining Compass Lexecon, Miguel was Head of Economic Analysis and Evaluation at DG Internal Market. Since 2012, he led a team of experienced financial economists in support of the EU Commission’s unprecedented regulatory overhaul of EU banking, insurance, and financial markets.

Miguel joined the European Commission in late 2000 as a competition economist. In 2003 he became a member of the newly created Chief Economist Team. He was appointed Deputy Chief Economist in early 2009. From October 2011 to May 2012 he was Acting Chief Economist at the UK Competition Commission.

Miguel has co-drafted guidelines setting out the European Commission’s analytical framework on merger control, vertical and horizontal agreements (Article 101) as well as single firm conduct (Article 102). He also co-drafted “guidelines on the submission on economic evidence” for DG COMP and the “new market investigation guidelines” for the former UK Competition Commission.

Over the last 15 years, Miguel has been closely involved in dozens of in-depth merger and antitrust investigations, at the fact-finding, analysis, and decision making stages. He has defended the EU Commission in several court proceedings and provided economic testimony to EU Courts in several high profile antitrust and merger cases. He has written articles on EU competition policy and financial market regulation, with the aim of shaping and guiding EU enforcement and policymaking. While at Compass Lexecon, he has advised on many mergers, including Telia/Bonnier Broadcasting, E.On/Innogy, PostNL/Sandd, T-Mobile NL/Tele2 NL, Shire/Takeda, The Walt Disney Company/Twenty-First Century Fox, Deutsche Börse/LSE, Petrol/Geoplin, and NKT/ABB.

Miguel completed his graduate studies in economics at the Institute for World Economics in Kiel, Germany, and the European Institute at Saarbrucken University, Germany. He conducted his Ph.D. research at Oxford University, UK.