Andrew S. Carron

Senior Consultant

Dr. Andrew Carron is a financial economist with extensive experience as a testifying and consulting expert in the areas of fixed income securities and markets, financial derivatives, industry customs and practices, investment recommendations, prudence under the ERISA standard, risk management, valuation, and calculation of damages. Dr. Carron has testified at trial on more than 50 occasions including serving as an expert for major financial institutions and the United States Department of Justice.

Dr. Carron has also consulted on numerous regulatory investigations of brokerages and financial advisory firms relating to adequacy of risk disclosure, fees and commissions, product recommendations, and best execution.

Dr. Carron served as President of NERA Economic Consulting from 2006 to 2012. Prior to joining NERA in 1996, Dr. Carron spent over twelve years in the securities industry. At various times in his securities industry career, he had responsibility for oversight of risk exposure for his firm’s bond trading activities, directed fixed income research for global bonds and currencies in London, and managed the mortgage- and asset-backed research departments.

Before joining the securities industry, Dr. Carron conducted research on financial markets at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. He has authored several books and numerous articles in scholarly and industry journals.

Dr. Carron received his B.A. degree with honors in Economics from Harvard University, and Masters and Doctorate degrees, also in Economics, from Yale University. His areas of concentration were industrial organization and financial economics.