Our economists advise on issues related to competition policy, litigation, international arbitration, intellectual property, and regulation across all industries.

We are passionate about applying economics to influence real-world outcomes and drive positive change in competition policy. Our economists strive to produce analysis that is credible, relevant and high quality so that clients can depend on our practical guidance.

Our clients include law firms, corporations, and government bodies engaged in legal and regulatory proceedings. We develop a thorough understanding of the economic issues they face and analyze these to produce compelling empirical evidence. Our working approach is firmly grounded in shared values of integrity, respect, quality, and understanding.

We have over 120 professionals based in Europe. This includes former senior officials at the European Commission and national competition authorities and regulators, and academics from top ranking universities. Our innovative techniques were applied in over 80% of Phase II European Commission merger cases in 2016 and over 50% of Phase II European Commission merger cases over the last five years.

What we do

  • Antitrust & Competition
  • Abuse of dominance: We advise on cases ranging from predation and margin squeeze to tying and bundling and refusals to deal.
  • Horizontal agreements: We assess the existence and analyze the impact of alleged cartels and other horizontal agreements, including major European Commission Article 101 investigations.
  • Market or sector inquiries: We assist the European Commission and national authorities with market inquiries, or advise interested parties in responding to inquiries.
  • Mergers, acquisitions & joint ventures: Our contribution ranges from market definition to the design of remedies. We also assess competitive effects and efficiencies.
  • Vertical agreements: We advise on the definition of relevant markets and assess the anti-competitive effects of certain restrictive clauses, and the cost and demand efficiencies.
  • Damages

We evaluate damages and proposed settlements in complex disputes and analyze the expected exposure of cartelists to follow-on damage claims.

  • Econometric analysis

Our in-house econometricians employ quantitative techniques in market definition exercises; merger assessments; to identify and quantify collusive behavior; and to forecast the implications of alleged abusive conduct on market structure.

  • Economic and financial regulation

We advise governments, regulators, and regulated companies on the competition issues facing regulated industries.

  • International arbitration

We serve as experts, producing expert reports and providing oral testimony relating to, among other things, antitrust cases, or disputes between parties of long-term contracts, among other cases. We also serve as consultants to law firms and companies navigating issues in arbitration.

  • Intellectual property

We value intellectual property; estimate damages resulting from infringement of intellectual property; and determine reasonable royalty rates relating to patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  • State aid

We evaluate the costs and benefits of aids to the government against the Market Economy Investor Principle (“MEIP”). We also assess the potentially distortionary effect of those aids on the marketplace.