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Business models, consumer data and privacy in platform markets

Expert Economists Jorge Padilla, Salvatore Piccolo and Helder Vasconcelos wrote an article for the Journal of Industrial and Business Economics. The article investigates the role of business models as drivers of the accuracy of consumer information collected by digital platforms. The results of the authors’ research shed new light on the link between alternative business models, consumer privacy and information collection in the digital sector, and may help explain why some platforms tend to protect consumer privacy more than others.

Efficient and Constructive Use of Party-Appointed Quantum Experts in Resolving Commercial Disputes

Expert Economists Julian Delamer and Alan Rozenberg authored a chapter in the Financier Worldwide Ebook, “Managing and Resolving Commercial Disputes.” The chapter discusses ways to maximise the efficiency and usefulness of party-appointed quantum experts, addressing the issue from three perspectives: the parties and their counsel, the experts, and the court or tribunal. Providing experts with … Continued

Expert Reflection: The EU Directive on Platform Work

Expert Economist and Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla, recently commented in the Brussels Times article, “Rideshare platforms oppose EU directive to improve worker conditions”, on how the new EU directive on platform work will effect the employment status of gig workers. The EU directive aims to require gig workers in the EU to be classified … Continued

What does it mean to be competitive?

Expert Economists Jorge Padilla and Salvatore Piccolo authored an article for Concurrences’ On-Topic February issue on the circumstances under which a firm can be regarded as competitive and whether it would be correct to conclude that only companies operating in fragmented markets and acting as price takers can be regarded as such. In this paper, … Continued

Data Visualisation: Crossing the line

Written by Tristan Salmon and James Forster In this article, the data science team illustrate intuitive ways to explore and visualise complex data using the example of the how, where, when and who of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional charts (and in particular, line charts) are very popular in economic consulting. At their best, they present … Continued

Solving Issues in the Quantification of ISDS Claims

The First Edition of Global Arbitration Review’s Guide to Investment Treaty Protection and Enforcement covers the practical side of investor–state disputes and provides guidance on how to strategize at every stage of a dispute. Compass Lexecon economists Boaz Moselle, Ruxandra Ciupagea and Juan Carlos Bisso contribute a chapter focussed on resolving two specific issues raised … Continued

Game, Set and Fuzzy match

Written by Bhargav Bharadwaj, Antoine Gracia Victoria, Wiktor Owczarz and Waldemar Schuppli Fuzzy matching is a set of data science techniques that save critical time and reduce the risk of human error when matching string variables (e.g., customer names) in large, distinct datasets, for example, to assess the closeness of competition between merging firms, or … Continued

Expert Q&A on pass-on of overcharge

Expert Economists Nadine Watson, Frédéric Palomino, Justin Coombs and David Sevy participated in a Q&A with Financier Worldwide for their January issue on how to quantify the passing-on of overcharges resulting from competition law infringements and the key challenges involved in assessing claims through economic theory and data analysis. In the context of competition law … Continued