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Upstream conduct and price authority with competing organizations

Economists Enrique Andreu, Damien Neven, Salvatore Piccolo and Roberto Venturini recently authored an article for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The article examines the degree of price authority that competing upstream principals award their downstream agents in a setting where these agents own private information about demand and incur nonverifiable distribution costs.

Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint

Senior Managing Director Jorge Padilla and Vice-President Zita Vasas co-authored a paper, joint with Daniele Condorelli named “Another Look at the Debate on the ‘Fair Share’ Proposal: an economic viewpoint”. The paper discusses the fair share debate between telecommunications operators (‘telcos’) and large traffic originators (‘LTOs’) such as Netflix, Youtube or TikTok, which evolves around the question of whether LTOs should pay telcos for the use of their networks thereby contributing to the funding of new (5G) network investment.

A theory of socially inefficient patent holdout

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla recently co-authored a paper alongside Academic Affiliate, Gerard Llobet, for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. The paper proposes a framework to analyse holdout in patent licensing negotiations.

Research Handbook on Global Merger Control

Experts economist Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins and Salvatore Piccolo contributed to the Research Handbook on Global Merger Control. Authored by leading legal practitioners, economists, enforcers and jurists, the Global Merger Control discusses challenges and predicts how merger control is likely to evolve in the coming years.

Intel Round 2: Starting from square one

Senior Vice Presidents Lau Nilausen and Rameet Sangha co-authored a paper in the Competition Law & Policy Debate Journal. The paper analyses the details of the General Court’s assessment of the AEC test in the context of the January 2022 Intel judgement. Abstract This article explains how the General Court’s January 2022 Intel judgment raises … Continued

Evolving market boundaries and competition policy

Economist Georges Siotis co-authored a paper alongside Carmine Ornaghi and Micael Castanheira for the European Journal of Economics, focusing on the definition of economic markets in the pharmaceutical industry. In the paper, the authors show how generic entry modifies price and non-price competitive constraints over time, generating market-wide effects, and discuss the relevance of these … Continued

A taste of geospatial analysis for competition economics

Written by Ivana Kocanova, James Forster and Toby Howard Geospatial analysis is a key parameter of the assessment of mergers where competition takes place at the local level. In this article, the data science team explores the tools it has developed to collect, analyse and visualize the data, quickly and flexibly. These tools enable better … Continued

On Sellers’ Cooperation in Hybrid Marketplaces

Expert Economist Jorge Padilla co-authored a paper alongside Michele Bisceglia for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy exploring the topic of sellers’ cooperation in hybrid marketplaces. In this paper, the authors assess the competitive and welfare effects of horizontal mergers and other joint selling agreements or collusive agreements among third-party sellers distributing through such … Continued

Price Authority and Information Sharing with Competing Supply Chains

Expert economists Enrique Andreu, Damien Neven and Salvatore Piccolo recently co-authored a paper for the International Journal of Industrial Organization on the link between manufacturers’ incentives to enter an information-sharing agreement and the strategies according to which they delegate price authority to their downstream retailers. In this paper, the authors offer new insights into how … Continued