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Investment and Patent Licensing in the Value Chain

Senior Consultant, Damien Neven, co-authored an article for the Journal of Competition Law & Economics alongside academic affiliate, Gerard Llobet, exploring the effects of investment and patent licensing in the value chain. Abstract At which stage in the production chain should patent licensing take place? In this paper we show that under realistic circumstances a patent holder would … Continued

Exclusive Distribution Agreements in the Context of the Digital Economy

Economists Jorge Padilla, Helder Vasconcelos and Bernardo Sarmento authored an article for the Brazilian Public Law Magazine, Revista Direito Público, on the competitive effects of exclusive distribution agreements in the context of the digital economy. Abstract This paper investigates the competitive effects of exclusive distribution agreements in the context of the digital economy. By reviewing … Continued

GCR The Guide to Life Sciences: An Economist’s Perspective on Exploitative Abuse of Dominant Position and Excluding Competitors

Expert economists Valerie Meunier, Rameet Sangha and David Sevy authored a chapter for Global Competition Review’s second edition of The Guide to Life Sciences. Introduction This chapter addresses the following competition issues, from an economist’s perspective, as they relate to the pharmaceutical industry: Read the full chapter here This article was originally published by GCR here. … Continued

Data-Driven Envelopment with Privacy-Policy Tying

Senior Managing Director, Jorge Padilla, co-authored an article for the Economic Journal alongside academic affiliate, Daniele Condorelli, presenting a theory of monopoly protection by means of entry in adjacent markets that have a common customer base.

Recommender Systems and Supplier Competition on Platforms

Vice President, Peter Ormosi, co-authored a paper alongside Amelia Fletcher and Rahul Savani, discussing how the recommender systems systemic biases might be expected to worsen end-user choices and harm competition between suppliers on digital platforms. Abstract Digital platforms can offer a multiplicity of items in one place. This should, in principle, lower end-users’ search costs … Continued

Getting over market definition: The NVIDIA/Arm merger

Economists Thomas Bowman, Thibaut de Bernard and Guillaume Duquesne co-authored a paper for Concurrences on market definition. The authors argue that traditional approaches towards market definition need to be adapted for digital ecosystems, and discuss a practical application to the recent NVIDIA/Arm merger. Abstract Understanding competition between ecosystems is increasingly important in competition cases concerning … Continued

Competition Analysis in Finance (Part 2)

Economist Daniel Urdaneta recently authored a series of papers for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, Chile. In the second part of this series – on how to integrate competition economics concepts into the investment process – Daniel reviews case studies of companies that lost market power and posted heavy losses in the last decade. He also points out the warning signs to determine if a company is at risk of losing its competitive moat.