Author: Abigail Fletcher

Compass Lexecon celebrates International Women’s Day

Today, Compass Lexecon celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) and the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year’s IWD theme is #EmbracingEquity. When we embrace equity, we acknowledge the unique circumstances of each person and aim to provide them with the resources and opportunities to set them up for success. Today we reflect … Continued

A taste of geospatial analysis for competition economics

Written by Ivana Kocanova, James Forster and Toby Howard Geospatial analysis is a key parameter of the assessment of mergers where competition takes place at the local level. In this article, the data science team explores the tools it has developed to collect, analyse and visualize the data, quickly and flexibly. These tools enable better … Continued

Media Competition and Regulation in the Digital Age Event

Wednesday, 8 February, 08:30 – 14:30 GMT One Moorgate Place, Chartered Accountants’ Hall, 1 Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA Compass Lexecon and Geradin Partners are co-hosting an upcoming event on Media Competition and Regulation in the Digital Age at One Moorgate Place on Wednesday, 8 February. Digitalisation is creating increasingly complex regulatory and competition policy … Continued

Modelling the Objective Function of Managers in the Presence of Overlapping Shareholding

By Duarte Brito, Einer Elhauge, Ricardo Ribeiro, Helder Vasconcelos Expert Economist Helder Vasconcelos co-authored a paper with Duarte Brito, Einer Elhauge and Ricardo Ribeiro for the International Journal of Industrial Organization. The paper examines the objective function of managers in the presence of overlapping shareholding from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, with the findings … Continued

Event Synopsis: Compass Lexecon Economics Conference

On 23 September 2022, Compass Lexecon hosted its first Economics Conference at the Saïd Business School in Oxford, UK with the theme “Recent developments in the economics of mergers, and the scope for novel techniques and analysis”. The conference aimed to provide a forum in which economists at government authorities, academic economists, and industry practitioners … Continued

Decision Search Tool: Behind the Scenes

Written by Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Enrico Alemani [1] Introduction Software that provides powerful functionality can appear simple on the surface, but can hide plenty of fascinating technology. In this Data Science article, Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Enrico Alemani take a deep dive into the Compass Lexecon Decision Search Tool, an interactive web-app that allows users to … Continued

The Guide to Life Sciences: An Economist’s Perspective

Economists John Davies, Valérie Meunier, Rameet Sangha and David Sevy recently authored a chapter in the first edition of Global Competition Review’s The Guide to Life Sciences. Introduction This chapter addresses the following competition issues, from an economics perspective, as they relate to the pharmaceutical industry: exploitative abuse of a dominant position through excessive pricing; … Continued

Measuring of Competition Using Natural Language Processing

Written by Rashid Muhamedrahimov and Ethan Soo Summary As the competition landscape is constantly evolving, the question still remains: Is there a need to revamp the way we measure closeness of competition? There are many standardised ways to measure how close competitors are. We can supplement these measures with evidence that has traditionally been difficult … Continued

The Value of Transparency in Dynamic Contracting with Entry

Vice President, Salvatore Piccolo, alongside professors Gülen Karakoç and Marco Pagnozzi, wrote an article for the International Journal of Industrial Organization. The article investigates incentives and anticompetitive practices of incumbents in vertically related markets, as well as the effects of information sharing on consumer surplus and total welfare. Abstract A manufacturer designs a long-term contract … Continued