Latin America Strip


Compass Lexecon offers specialized insight into the complex economic and financial issues at the center of current arbitration disputes, competition and regulatory challenges. The considerable experience and qualifications of our economists enables us to provide focused analyses on a diverse array of issues, and to present our analyses persuasively and authoritatively.

Our experts have held government-appointed posts, have consulted for governments and utilities throughout the region, and have had active roles in the development of regulatory frameworks in various utility sectors.

Our economists and finance specialists have extensive experience in Latin American economic and regulatory affairs. Our experts have helped draft competition rules, and have testified in international and domestic disputes throughout Latin America. Our experts provide insight into complex contracting disputes, government and regulatory agency standards and reasonable conduct, public policy, competition, private dispute resolution, and environmental economic issues. We provide expert opinions on complex damage quantum cases, as well as valuation of assets in treaty, commercial, and political risk insurance disputes.

Our expertise in international arbitration, competition and regulatory work includes:

• Numerous recent international arbitration cases with written or oral testimony submitted under various treaty and commercial arbitration rules (ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC, LCIA, AAA, and SCC).

• Economic and financial analysis and development of policies for both regulated and competitive activities.

• Drafting of regulatory frameworks for utilities, consulting on regulation and de-regulation.

• Regulatory and contract analysis from both commercial and economic perspectives.

• Economics of natural resources, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, services and distribution industries and the environment.

• Analysis of banking and financial services industries, including leasing and insurance.

• Mergers and acquisitions, price fixing and antitrust proceedings before competition authorities.

• Valuation of intellectual property.

Compass Lexecon has local presence in the region through a main office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.